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About Ori Eni

Ifa says that our Ori is ones deity. This means that the most high being and our personal being intersects in the mind. The most high communicates with us through dreams, downloads, and messengers to provide guidance and support. The question is can we clearly hear and properly process the most high's message(s) if we haven't

learned to purge past trauma hurts and pains. 


Let's face it, life happens to the best of us. Most of us have experienced some form of trauma. It could be from a bad relationship, divorce, abuse (mental or physical), disappointment, rejection, abandonment, growing up in the hood and the list goes on. The question is have you identified, faced these traumas, and purged them from your Ori? Each of these experiences are recorded in our Ori. Our Ori (mind) replays these experiences, whenever we cross paths with mirrored scenarios. Logic and reasoning is shut down when these experiences reoccur and our mind gets overtaken by emotions such as anger, and temper. On the flip side, our emotions also causes some of us to completely shut down.

Either way trauma doesn't get settled and the mind files it for future references. 


In the spirit of protection, we create narratives that justify our behavior relating to the trauma. Until we re-calibrate our narratives, we will continually impede our ability to receive the wisdom of Olodumare. Therefore, it's time to change your mind and renege on past experiences that no longer serve your life's purpose.


Ori Eni is a Mental Fitness Center that helps you to break down and reconstruct your information filtration system, through our Sowing, Sprout, Bloom and Harvest courses. Each course is chronologically provided for our students over 6 sessions twice per week. We also offer follow up services such as Private and group Ori coaching sessions, Menergy men's coaching sessions, Womenergy women's group group coaching, a Prepared Str8 youth ascension course, plus our

Good Morning Ori weekly Ori Eni family discussions. Get your Mental Fitness Plan today,

join the Ori Eni family and let's keep healing alive.        

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Change the Narrative 

Ori Eni aligns your thoughts with the wisdom of Olodumare through Narrative Reconciliation. We understand that thoughts create words, and words give birth to your reactions. This process is rooted in the narratives we feed our thoughts. Changing the narrative naturally shifts the outcome of our actions. This resolutionary concept, gently persuades you to purge outdated narratives that no longer serves you. Narrative Reconciliation is a Healistic approach designed discontinue of the emotional cravings to justify old behavioral patterns that impede our ability to submit

to the wisdom of spiritual guidance. Ori Eni wants to let you know it's OK to change your mind and the paradigm in your life.

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