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Playing a Drum



Upcoming Events

  • Intro to Ose IFA
    Sun, Jun 04
    Are you looking to add more information to your Ifa tool belt? Then Baba Makanjuola's "Intro to Ose Ifa" is a must. You'll learn how the ritual work connects with the Ori Work to give the Deities something to work with in order to manifest your Ire.
Max out on your Mental Fitnest Plan

All Honesty, Peace, and Clarity plans attend select events free!

Mental Fitness Plan

  • Honesty Plan

    Every month
    Doing my work
    • Weekly Power Ori University Access
    • Ori-play
    • 1 Ori Coaching Session
    • 10% off private courses
  • Clarity

    Every month
    My Ori is clear
    • Weekly Power Ori University Access
    • 3 Ori Coaching Session
    • Ori-Fresh
    • Couples Compatibilty Coaching
    • Good Morning Ori
    • Power of Ori University TV
    • 15% Off private courses
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