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Mental Fitness Plan

  • Ori-ment

    Every month
    I decided to be Healistc
    • Group Coaching
    • Check Point Coaching
    • Good Morning Ori
  • Honesty Plan

    Every month
    Doing my work
    • Power of Ori Recording
    • Good Morning Ori
    • Study at your pace
    • 1 Ori Coaching Session
  • Clarity

    Every month
    My Ori is clear
    • Bi-Weekly Power Ori University Live Sessions
    • Class Recordings
    • 3 Ori Coaching Session
    • Good Morning Ori
    • Ori Reading
    • Free Lectures
  • Guest Pass

    See if Ori Eni is for you with a free Guest Pass!
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Good Morning Ori
    • Wednesday Ori Work (WOW)
    • Sow it Sundays
  • Prepared Str8

    Every week
    Prepare youth for life me
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • Ori Coaching
    • Character Building
    • Clarify your Purpose
    • Spousal Report
    • Healthy Habits
    • Wealth Worthy
    • Mind over Matter
    • Ori - Constitution
  • iPLAN

    Every month
    Ifa Plan Spiritual Support Services
    • Ose Ifa Master Coaching
    • Ibori Training recording
    • Dafa Coaching
    • Ifa leacture recording
    • Just Odu It
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Benefit Description

Community support is paramount to healing. With select M.F.P. subscriptions, join us in

Bi-weekly Group Coaching sessions. Included in Honesty Plans and above. 

Ori Subscription

All Mental Fitness Plans (MFP) include free access to monthly lectures and Head Start Sundays. 

Ori Subscription

Missed a session? With our all new Ori - Play option you can watch class recordings on

your schedule.

Ori Subscription

All Mental Fitness Plan members receive a free Ori Coaching session per month.

Ori Eni Subscription

Get the jump on the week with free access to our weekly Head Start Sundays discussion and stay connected to the Ori Eni community.

Ori Eni Subscription

Upcoming Events

Here are a few events that are included with your MFP.

Once you've enrolled you will receive your membership code to attend select live presentations. Also, you'll be able to view the Ori-play of each lecture.  

OEW LNH copy.png

Are you the spouse that you actually desire? This requires one to take a look into their own mirror and address their imperfections before expecting perfection from a potential spouse. Join Baba Makanjuola in this perspective bending series and discover the keys required to open doors attaining a great spouse on your path of accountability. 

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Love & Happines
What is IFA
OEW WII copy.png

Ifa is truth. Truth is a prerequisite of change. Without truly understanding what IFA is at it's core, you will easily be taken advantage of, sold false ideals, further blocking the blessings in store for you. Join Baba Makanjuola as he takes the gloves off and exposes the truths of IFA, Orisa, and Ori. 

OEW DECODED copy.png
Register Now

We hear about Orisa and ancestors over and over. What if I told you that the number one deity is Ori?

Ori has become an after thought when it's suppose to be the first thought. Join Baba Makanjuola as he dives deep and reveals Odu on the place of Ori in the cosmology of IFA. Equally as important, the relationship of Ori to the creator.

Ori Decoded
OEW OSE IFA copy.png
Ose Ifa

How do I maintain a consistent Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual connection with IFA? Have your asked yourself this question?


Join Baba Makanjuola as he reveals the ritualistic and esoteric aspects of a divine tool called OSE IFA. Ise Ifa is an applicable tool that followers of Ifa use to receive daily and weekly spiritual guidance based on average daily experiences. If properly trained, Ose Ifa will keep your Ori honest and in alignment with character traits that needs to be addressed to bring the blessing you seek.

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