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Ori Eni Enrollment

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Welcome to Ori Eni! Congrats! You have secured a space for our Ori-Entation. You will receive an email containing the links needed to login the day of the meeting.

What is Ori Eni about?

Ifa teaches us that our Ori is our direct line to Olodumare, the higher power. Olodumare is the governor of character. Character is the currency necessary for every one of us to attract all the blessings in life such as good health, loving spouse, children, and financial well being.  

Ifa also teaches us that the success we seek in life will be solely attributed to the conditions of our Ori. This means that if your life is going well, your Ori is the reason for your success. On the flip side, if your life is not going so well, your Ori is also the reason for your dismay.

People on both sides of the spectrum seek the wisdom of Ifa through what Ifa devotees refer to as Dafa. Some consider Dafa to seek answers to keep the blessings coming, while others seek methods to discontinue the undesirable experiences of life. 


Calibration of one's Ori is the prerequisite to Dafa. Ori Eni is an 8-week transformational course designed to align our mind with the divine wisdom of Olodumare in an effort to assure that we experience all the Ire of life.  



Ori Eni Session Begins January 23, 2021!

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