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About Menergy

Life happens to all of us. We all experience the heartbreak of losing someone we love, getting fired from a job, financial inadequacies, romantic breakups, and other obstacles that life places in our path. There aren't many classes that prepare us for these experiences. For men, there are even fewer mentorship programs.


Beginning in childhood, men are taught to suck it up, don't cry no matter how much it hurts, and 'Be a Man." Any signs of vulnerability are seen as a weakness. It seems as if men are not supposed to have feelings or express their emotions. So men grow up holding all of this in with nowhere to release it unless they are in sports. For those that aren't athletic, what are they to do? 


Similar to the cap on an unopened shaken bottle of soda, eventually all of the hurts and pains are released in an inevitable explosion. Society has coined this reaction as "Toxic Masculinity." We at Ori Eni couldn't disagree more. Therefore, we have created a space where men can commune among other men and feel free to express their hurts and disappointments in a judgment-free environment called Menergy.


Menergy is a 4-week virtual workshop, hosted by Ori Eni Co-founder and Ori Coach Makanjuola, where our brothers, fathers, husbands, uncles, and friends can safely release the stresses of life amongst other like-minded gentlemen. Menergy is for men of all ages ranging from 18 years old and up. In each session, we will cover topics specific to the experiences of men. Elder and young men alike can unpack their scars and start the process of healing.             

Tool Box Academy

7 Hours of Course
Ages 16 yrs & older
Confidence building

Awaken Purpose
Weekly Huddles
Man-ish Coaching


Man Up Now
Menergy Man Made Symposium
Ori Eni

Menergy Man Made Symposium


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Welcome to Brotherhood
"If a man is not equipped to fill a position in life, he should decline the offer until he he can properly fill the position."

~Irosun Ofun~
Supportive Friend
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