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Sun, Aug 27



Ose Ifa Masters Class Explained

Our 8 week Ose Ifa training series launches soon! Join Baba Ola, as he gives a detailed description of what attendees can expected to add to their knowledge of Ose Ifa and elevate their relationship with Orunmila.

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Ose Ifa Masters Class Explained
Ose Ifa Masters Class Explained

Time & Location

Aug 27, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT



About the Event

About the Event

Event Description: Ose Ifa Master Course with Makanjuola

Thank you for your interest in the Ose Ifa Master Course with Makanjuola.  We're excited to offer you the opportunity to delve into the profound  wisdom of Ifa through the guidance of Makanjuola. This course is  designed to help you master the essence of Ifa's message, focusing on  Obi (Kola Nut), Orogbo, and Opele.

Course Overview:

Duration: 8 weeks Frequency: 1 session per week Day: Saturdays Time: 10am EST

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner of Ifa or entirely new to this  ancient wisdom, our Ose Ifa Course provides a comprehensive journey  into the teachings. It's a chance to deepen your understanding and  refine your skills in the art of Ifa.

Course Highlights:

Over the course of eight weeks, we will cover a diverse range of topics to empower your Ifa journey:

Week 1: Introduction to Iwa Pele

Learn about the 16 character traits every akapo of Ifa must practice.  Take a Character Point Average (CPA) test to gauge your understanding.

Week 2: Morning Prayers and Ori Prayers

Master the ritual of Ose Ifa through the essential practice of morning prayers, including Ori prayers.

Week 3: Feeding Items of Ifa and Esu

Understand the significance of each feeding item, what they represent, and why they're offered.

Week 4: Feeding Esu

Participate in a guided ritual to feed Esu, requiring 1 Kola Nut, 2  Bitter Kola nuts, Gin, Water, and Palm Oil (or an all-white dinner plate  if you don't have Esu yet).

Week 5: Feeding Ifa

Engage in a ritual to feed Ifa, similar to the previous week's session.

Week 6: Reading Obi

Delve deep into the messages of your Obi and learn to interpret its wisdom effectively.

Week 7: Investigation and Dafa

Transform your Ose Ifa practice into a personal reading or Dafa. Use  Opele to gain insights into Physical, Emotional, Financial, and  Relational aspects.

Week 8: Questions & Solutions (Q&S)

Prepare for your Ose Ifa presentation by addressing questions and refining your understanding.

Course Completion:

Upon completing all eight sessions, you'll have the opportunity to  submit a video of your own Ose Ifa session. We'll convene in a group  webinar to discuss your experiences and insights gained. If you're an  IPlan or Mental Fitness member, you can even schedule a private coaching  session for personalized feedback and motivation.

Enrollment Details:

Once you've enrolled, you'll receive a list of required workshop  items, along with a package including morning prayers for Ose Ifa, the  list of character traits, feeding items, and a comprehensive Ose Ifa  Manual. The link to each session will be sent to you within 24 hours of  the class time.

Membership Benefits:

This event is free for Clarity Mental Fitness Plan and IPlan  Subscribers. If you're looking for ongoing education or want to save 50%  on enrollment fees, check out our Clarity or IPlan options.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us:

Baba Makanjuola

Founder and Ori Coach

Phone: 310-882-9962


Enrollment Options

Join us on this transformative journey to master the timeless  teachings of Ifa and uncover deeper layers of understanding. Enroll  today and embrace the wisdom of Ose Ifa. Enroll for Track 1 (Saturday Classes) or Track 2 (Tuesday Classes) now!

If you would like more info on how you may save 50% on enrollemnt fees with select Mental Fitness Plans, contact us using the contact provided in the Contact Information section above. 

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