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Sat, Jul 20



Give The Orisa Something to Work With (1)

Baba Makanjuola, Mindset Engineer at Ori Eni, has a unique method of connecting the dots between Ori and Orisa. Yes, we can all learn the rituals to feed the deities. But what about the practical application of their messages in your life in real time?

Give The Orisa Something to Work With (1)
Give The Orisa Something to Work With (1)

Time & Location

Jul 20, 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT


About the Event

 Orisa and Ori: Practical Applications with Baba Makanjuola

Understanding Orisa and Ori:

  • Orisa: In the Yoruba religion, Orisa are deities or divine beings that govern various aspects of the natural world and human life. Each Orisa has unique attributes, responsibilities, and messages to impart to their followers.
  • Ori: Ori, meaning "head" in Yoruba, represents an individual's inner self, consciousness, and destiny. It is considered one's spiritual intuition and connection to the divine.

Baba Makanjuola's Unique Approach:

Baba Makanjuola, Mindset Engineer at Ori Eni, emphasizes the importance of not just performing rituals to honor and feed the Orisa, but also understanding and applying their messages in practical, everyday life. His approach involves:

  1. Connecting Ori and Orisa:Integration: Baba Makanjuola helps individuals connect their Ori with the wisdom and guidance of the Orisa. This connection ensures that the divine messages are not just theoretical but are integrated into one’s personal journey and decision-making process. Alignment: By aligning one's Ori with the teachings of the Orisa, individuals can navigate life with greater clarity and purpose, ensuring that their actions are in harmony with their spiritual path. 
  2. Practical Application of Messages:Real-Time Guidance: Baba Makanjuola focuses on how to interpret and apply the messages of the Orisa in real-time. This means taking ancient wisdom and making it relevant to contemporary challenges and opportunities. Actionable Insights: He provides actionable insights and steps that individuals can take to embody the principles of the Orisa in their daily lives, from personal relationships to career choices. 
  3. Educational Sessions:Workshops and Events: Through workshops and regular events, such as the "Just Odu It!" sessions, Baba Makanjuola educates participants on the deeper meanings of Odu (the sacred texts of Ifa) and how to apply these teachings. Interactive Learning: These sessions are interactive, allowing for questions and discussions that help attendees internalize the teachings and see how they apply to their unique circumstances. 
  4. Providing Resources:Study Materials: Participants receive materials, such as copies of relevant Odu verses, to aid in their personal study and reflection. This ensures that the learning continues beyond the events and that individuals have resources to revisit as they grow. 
  5. Personal Development:Mindset Engineering: As a Mindset Engineer, Baba Makanjuola works with individuals to reshape their thinking and approach to life. By incorporating the teachings of the Orisa and the wisdom of their Ori, he helps them develop a mindset that is resilient, purpose-driven, and spiritually aligned. 


Baba Makanjuola's unique method of connecting Ori and Orisa goes beyond traditional rituals, offering a pathway to practical application and real-time guidance. By integrating these ancient teachings into everyday life, individuals can achieve a deeper sense of purpose, clarity, and alignment with their spiritual destiny.

Join Baba Makanjuola at Ori Eni to explore these teachings further and learn how to practically apply the wisdom of the Orisa and the insight of your Ori in your daily life.


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